High Quality Camera for Raspberry Pi

This high-quality camera is equipped with an IMX477 12.3MP high quality camera module which adopts the IMX477R sensor. It supports CS-mount lenses by default, but however, a C-CS adapter is included in order to use C mount lenses as well with this camera. It is compatible with Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3, 3 Lite, 3+, 3+ Lite, and NVIDIA Jetson Nano. This offers a higher resolution (12.3MP) and higher sensitivity (nearly 50% greater area per pixel for improved low-light performance) than the traditional 8MP IMX219 cameras.

  • Sony IMX477 sensor with 12.3MP for high resolution 
  • Greater pixel area for improved low-light performance
  • Back-illuminated sensor architecture for improved sensitivity
  • Supports a wide range of C and CS-mount lenses
  • Integrated back-focus adjustment ring

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