CANBed FD – Arduino

This CANBed-FD adopts MCP2517FD CAN Bus controller with SPI interface and MCP2542FD CAN transceiver to achieve the CAN-BUS capability. With an OBD-II converter cable added on and the OBD-II library imported, you are ready to build an onboard diagnostic device.

  • Compact size (56x41mm)
  • Work at CAN-FD and CAN 2.0
  • Industrial standard 9 pin sub-D connector or 4-pin terminal
  • OBD-II and CAN standard pinout selectable at sub-D connector
  • 2 x 4-Pin Grove connectors compatible with the Grove ecosystem
  • SPI Interface up to 10 MHz
  • Wide power input range from 7-28V

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