Grove – 12 Key Capacitive I2C Touch Sensor

The Grove – 12 Key Capacitive I2C Touch Sensor V3 (MPR121) is a multi-channel proximity capacitive touch sensorIt’s a 3-in-1 module with the following features: Capacitance Sensing. Tough Sensing.

  •  Internal 10-bit ADC
  •  Integrated independent autocalibration for each electrode input
  •  Completely independent electrodes with built-in autoconfiguration
  •  I2C interface, with IRQ, Interrupt output to advise electrode status changes
  •  Hardware configurable I2C address
  • 12 electrodes/capacitance sensing inputs in which 8 are multifunctional for LED driving and GPIO
  • Autoconfiguration of charge current and charge time for each electrode input
  • Separate touch and release trip thresholds for each electrode, providing hysteresis and electrode independence
  • Add two more GND pin and expand the gap of pins for safe handling

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